If you would like to participate as a Mentor, join as a participant, and enter "Mentor" in the skills field.  Enter other skills such as musician, performer, Java, sculpter, etc.  As teams form, they may invite you to join.  You can also look at participants and ask to join their team as a Mentor.


The Lean Startup Discovery software from Innovation Within is available to all Z Hacks participants - for free.  Complete this form, and we will provide you with a subscription:  Lean Startup Discovery Platform


Participants who attend any of the following Clinics will receive 1 point towards their project score (maximum 1 per attendee regardless of how many clinics you attend). When and if you attend a clinic, let us know by completing this form I ATTENDED A CLINIC.  We will match it with clinic registrations, and add :

  • August 18 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Engineers - Jossie Haines / Tile will present how empathy can be applied in practical ways to every day engineering activities and meetings
  • August 19 Zentrepreneurship - learn how to be a Zentreprener from Toby Corey. This clinic will also give you insight on how to focus your Z Hacks project. 
  • August 20 Lean Startup Platform - attend this event, learn about the Lean Startup methodology, and you will be given access to the platform to validate your Z Hacks project ideas. 
  • August 26 GetVirtual - attend this clinic to learn how to use the GetVirtual platform for your Z Hacks project. 
  • Sept 2 Think Care Act - in this clinic, we are going to consider how our OUTWARD attitudes and actions reflect our INWARD attitudes and beliefs.

These are a few ideas for projects suggested by our sponsors. More projects will be listed soon. If you would like to submit or sponsor a project idea, use this form Project Ideas:

  • Myrth: Myrth is building an app to strengthen small intimate relationships built on personal growth and self-care. The app is called Moai, after the Japanese word for the same idea.  
    • Project Idea 1: We would love a team build an MVP app as a PWA or IOS app. The app would require a few relationships between the individual, the habit, and the circle. A person would track their daily habits and then share with a small circle of accountability buddies who would give them kudos like in the app Strava. We are happy to work with the team on concept and brainstorming. Happy
      • Category: Pandemic
      • Award: $200
  • GetVirtual: this program provides college students with 5 credits for helping local businesses develop online presence and e-commerce.  
    • Project Ideas: we need your help growing this program. 
      • best way to expand new college/student chapters
      • best way to expand economic development group partnerships 
      • best way to take GV to the next level
      • give us your best idea how to turbo charge GV
    • Award: $500